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My world in pictures

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didier de borle - image maker

In the seventies of the last century I actively photographed and developed photos for a while.
After my work as a programmer and web designer in Amsterdam, I moved to the Belgian coast in 2012 and purchased a Canon 650D in March 2013. In addition, I have mastered various techniques through workshops, books, magazines and information on the internet. As of 2018, I will divide my time between Wuhan in the People's Republic of China and Ostend in Belgium.
My website has been online since November 23, 2014. I started the translation to English in Augus 2020 as something good came out of CIVID-19

My activity is making images. I call myself a image maker. My SLR camera is at the heart of my footage and I switched from the " Dark Room " to " LightRoom".
I work exclusively with natural light where reportage, nature and landscape, humans and animals deserve my most attention.
In short: "my world around me".

I get inspiration from "the moment".
That could be: an unexpected street scene, a funny situation, a word during a conversation, a sentence from a book or .... And of course I like to admire the prints of greats such as Cartier Bresson, Carl De Keyzer, Stephan Vanfleteren and there are more. I was also very enthusiastic about the recently discovered unique images of Vivian Maier. But I also thoroughly enjoy working with fellow enthusiasts.

My goal is to create images. Taking a photo, depending on whether I start from an existing piece of data or make a new / own setup, is either the beginning or an intermediate step in my image creation.

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