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A selection of my photos

The period 2020

We are already halfway through the year. So it is high time to also publish a number of images for the period 2020. Today (Monday September 7th) I will place five images on the site. They are corona-proof; came about through previous photos and further edits on the computer with the Krita program. It is called "Computer Art". Click here to go to the overview.

The period 2014 - 2019

Photo selection
Today is Mother's Day (May 10, 2020). We are in the middle of a corona crisis and in Belgium - where I am currently staying - they have set 'the rule of four'. Rules and regulations are set up and explained and applied in its own way by each level of government (municipality, province, region, federal). Yes: the forest and the trees or if you like the cat and her boy! In short, it means that there are about 11 million versions of all these rules. It seems sensible to me to limit your own contacts as much as possible and to make a virtue of necessity.
I have therefore decided to revisit all photos taken from 2014 until the end of last year and possibly, according to my current insights, to re-edit where desirable.
Why from 2014? Because 2014 is the year in which I switched from JPG to RAW format for photography. I use LightRoom to develop and edit my photos.
Over the period 2014-2019 I have about 20,000 images on my computer. From this I selected 90 images where I explain more about camera settings, format and the image itself. Take a look at the pictures.

Photo book
With 74 images, a selection over the period 2014 - 2019, I fill my first photo book. You can view this photo album at the following pages.

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